Virgin Cable coming to Chatteris


As part of Connecting Cambridgeshire Virgin Media and BT are rolling out super fast

I currently use TalkTalk via a copper pair for my broadband and phone with a maximum speed of 56.54Mbps download, 17.46Mbps Upload and a Ping time of 10ms which is probably the best I can get.

When I saw that the Virgin Media cable enabling works was scheduled for installation on the road I live on via, I thought I’d start this blog.


The works is due to start on 4 August, expecting to last until the 14 August and I registered my interest HERE.

Details on how the infrastructure is installed is HERE, in advance I have put a conduit through the wall into a dry lining box with a blank please, bit premature, but hey ho 🙂

20mm conduit sealed with white tape at the moment, on fibre installation, this will be covered by the Omnibox and the cable will pass through to the Router.
Blanking plate just above the skirting board readdy for Virgin Media.


The original installation dates have slipped, the latest is:

As the works progress I’ll try and get pictures and journal my cable installation.

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