Weather Site 1st Year in Operation

Chatteris Weather has been online for a year on the 28th December 2014, or should I say, been online using a template of Saratoga Weather, combined with the URL of and a new web host in e-rice.

My original site was hosted by Talktalk, one a new host was sorted, all the original files regarding build details etc, were transferred. A link to these pages can be found in the menubar under External Links, clicking on WEB will take you their.

Over the past year lots of modifications and tweaks have been done (and continue to be done) to keep the site as bug free as possible and to keep on top of dead links, sometimes pages or complete scripts have to be disabled to maintain the site in working order, I decide to revisit the effected scripts and see what could be done, tackling the script “Who-Online” first.

The script ‘Whos-Online’ required a GeoLiteCity upgrade file to be installed every month, during last months update the SQL database became corrupt causing the weather site to fail, I was reluctant to upgrade to a higher script version as the original one took a lot of effort to get working, however, no other option existed and I upgraded from V2.25 to V 3.00.

With the help of wxforum members, the new script is now working, I also took the opportunity to attach a table showing the nation flags of visitors. (Update – The flag table would only register visitors who visited the page with the table on it, I have changed to Revelovermaps as this allowed me to link the small globe in the menu bar to the main display on the Whos-Online page so no matter which page is viewed, it is included within the counter)

During the process of installing ‘Whos-Online’ I noticed that the cloud height graphic was not being displayed on the pages where it is used – Cloud Type Page – for example, this was found to be linked to an error generated in the weather templates Setting.php script, the cloud graphic script -cloud-base.php – can work without the link to Settings.php as data can be called from other sources, as soon as Settings.php was commented out, the graphic came back online.

So two results in one, happy birthday Chatteris Weather 🙂

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