UK Extremes Script

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, that every now and again the menubar, which is on the left side of the web page, has generated a string of errors which clear after a short while. The script responsible was ‘worldextremesGadet.php’ which uses the web site to gather UK weather highs and lows, after about the third time of this happening I started looking around for an alternative in case it fails completely.

I noticed a number of other private weather station sites displaying the same data derived from the UK Met Office, so after searching WXForum, I found the scripts and installed them, after re-reading the forum thread and making the required changes, everything is now working as before, but with the addition of the sunniest place in the UK information (not that it matters at this time of the year!).

extUK Extremes located in the Menubar – (Image only in case you were wondering why it hasn’t updated!).

Martin from Hebwx wrote a small script which I have also incorporated, this automatically changes the year used for the copyright notification and also brings in the Met Office Logo which is a nice addition.

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