Weather Site Tweaks

Due to having a stinking cold I’ve been banished to my man cave so I took the opportunity to update weather pages which haven’t worked properly or just plain needed a coat of looking at.

The most noticeable adjustments have been:

Menu Bar & Contact Form –

I have added a shortcut graphical link on the Menu Bar to  a newly configured Skype account call button, the call button can also be directly accessed via the Contact Form page.

Ham Radio Page
Added Stormy.gif to lift the page out of being slightly bland.
Added Solar X-Ray and Geomagnetic Field status.

The source for both of these can be found in my Links page.

Space Weather Page
Due to a major upgrade to the site where the links for this page derive from, the wxspace.php script which is behind space weather called on images and information which simply wasn’t there, Martin from Hebrides Weather (
has done a great job in re-establishing the bulk of the relevant links and making the script available via the WXforum, this enabled me to get the page up and running again quite quickly, also, for the very first time I have the 3 day Solar-Geophysical Forecast running which is automatically updated every 30 minutes.

Festive greetings from Chatteris Weather.

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