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Another Blitztortung on the Network

I helped out another Blitzortung lighting user by building up his kit, this one is now up an running in St Thomas, Virgin Islands, the pictures below show the various stages of PCB build, the firmware program and that the GPS has picked up satellites to time lock the strikes.

St Thomas Blitzortung Stats.


Red Arrows show location of St Thomas detecting lightning 2,300 miles away!

2016-04-07 17.08.28 (Medium) 2016-04-07 16.16.23 (Medium) 2016-04-09 09.36.11 (Medium) 2016-04-09 11.25.16 (Medium) 2016-04-09 11.12.26 (Medium) 2016-04-09 11.25.25 (Medium)



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New Blitzortung Power Supply

Due to my previous blogs about a dodgy power supply unit (PSU) used for Chatteris Weathers Blitzortung lightning detector, I ordered a low electrical noise PSU off ebay.com, I ordered the 5v PSU on the 5th January, I received a mail confirming dispatch on the 7th January and on the 10th January it arrived from Hong Kong!

I plugged the unit in the detected signal quality is excellent, the PSU was quite expensive, but well worth the money as the performance of the unit is considerable better than before.
2015-01-09 23.54.24 (Medium)
Spot the spelling mistake 🙂

2015-01-09 23.54.48 (Medium)
5v USB at 1A and an output of 8.5v which I have used to power thermostat controlling the temperature in the small equipment room.

2015-01-10 02.16.43 (Medium)
TeraDak unit next to my NAS.

TeraDak PSU
Although ‘smoothing’ is on, the trace is considerably better than anything before it.

Lightning detection trace, picked up from Scotland, so not that far away.

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