Pt 3 Longwire Installation

Planning permission was granted today (10 Sept 14) for the installation of the 6m pole and longwire, in preparation I had mounted the 100mm x 100mm post and drilled the holes ready for the fixing saddles, this is a photo journal of the antenna install, this will be updated as each part is added.

Saddle secured to post using 10mm stainless steel stud, on the reverse of the post is an additional saddle to spread the load on the studs and to prevent any ‘pull-through’.

2014-09-08 19.12.05 (Medium)

Pole secured to post using two saddles at 600mm centers, pole raised to insulate it from ground.

2014-09-10 06.57.12 (Medium)

Paracord threaded down the inside of the pole and secured, this allows the insulator to be lowered for maintenance, the slack is pushed up inside the pole.

2014-09-10 06.57.02 (Medium)

Tension on the wire is applied by the shock cord fixed to a hook, to reduce friction wear on the cord it is threaded through a galvanized pulley.

2014-09-10 06.57.34 (Medium)

Side view of the pulley arrangement showing the shock cord fixing at the insulator and the clamp used to loop the flexiweave antenna wire.

2014-09-10 06.57.42 (Medium)

View of completed antenna post, eventually the bush will grow to ‘soften’ the post.

2014-09-10 07.00.37 (Medium)

Post up and antenna wire ready for high level fixings.

2014-09-10 18.20.39 (Medium)

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