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GoDaddy Data Migration Fail


If you have a weather site using Saratoga and Leuven scripts and are considering moving server from North America to European servers….DON’T DO IT!!!!

The story started on 15 Oct 17, looking through cPanel on my GoDaddy site, it suggested that speed might be increased by moving to a server nearer to my location, this meant moving data from North America to Europe, as the transfer was free, what did I have to lose.

The data migration took 3 hours on 16 Oct 17, filled with high expectations that my site would load super fast, I clicked on chatteris.biz and waited, and waited and waited, the site took nearly a minute to load.

I rang GoDaddy service desk and spoke to an assistant who suggested it was due to the SSL certificate needing to be rekeyed on the new server and he sent me the details on how to do it, being nervous of breaking the site even more, I called back and they said they can rekey the certificate for £100 in 10 days time, I declined.

A great friend came round and together we rekeyed the SSL certificate, guess what,…..nothing changed!

I posted on WXForum and started this WXForum Topic , it turns out that their is a known issue with European servers and the only way to resolve it is to go back to North American server.

So, on the 23 Oct 17 after paying £19.20, my data was once again whistling over the big pond, and this time it worked 🙂

The moral of the story is that if it isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it, the second moral is don’t move GoDaddy servers to other GoDaddy servers unless you want a world of pain.

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