ON8JL D’Star BabyStar Node

Recently bought a Icom 7100 for the additional features this radio offers, one being DStar enabled, unfortunately I’m unable to access a  remote repeater, hence the BabyStar nodebabystar

This is a small unit with only two physical connections required, these being power (7 Vdc to 15Vdc) and an hardwired internet connection.

When the BabyStar is first powered up it will use an available ip, and this is displayed for a few moments on the screen, typing this ip into your browser opens the BabyStar configuration and status pages.

I have setup in the Icom 7100 a repeater called BabyStar Node, I then lower the RF power of the rig to 0% and simply transmit to the BabyStar and via this, using the internet, to repeaters and reflectors worldwide with FM quality audio both ways.

The version of Firmware on the unit I bought was v1.02, shortly after v1.03 came out, you will need Hyperterminal and a programming lead to complete the update, the process quite easy as the instructions within the User Guide are really good, I found the drivers for the USB to Serial lead here.

Hyperterminal is found on older versions of Windows, such as XP, so make sure you have an old PC about!

22 May 2016 – Updated Firmware to 1.04


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9 thoughts on “ON8JL D’Star BabyStar Node”

  1. Hi,

    What’s the different between v1.02 and v1.03? I have one with v1.02 but it now fails to connect to a CCS server. Does v1.03 fix this? Is it something to do with the CCS7 changes?

    And can you make it connect directly to repeaters? If so, how? I can only get mine to connect to reflectors.

    thanks, Alan.

  2. Hi Alan,

    v1.03 gives you CCS7, the previous 4 digit CCS has been replaced with a 7 digit format (first three digits are the country code, the remaining 4 digits are the user id)

    I’m afraid I can’t help with connecting to a repeater as I’m out of range of my nearest repeater, hence the BabyStar, so can’t tell you practically how to connect with confidence.

    If your near Chatteris I can upgrade the firmware for you, takes about two minutes.


  3. I’ve not set a password so have never needed to change it, looking at the manual it seems that once you have set a password that’s it, no other menu exists to change it.

    The only way is to reset to factory defaults by powering on the hotspot with a jumper between pins 1 and pin 2 of the extension connector (P2).

    Not a great answer but that seem to be the way to go.

  4. Yes sorted the password issue.

    Another issue i have is the baby node disconnects randomly and i have to power cycle the node for it to accept a reconnect command… i have 2 they both do this any ideas

  5. Hi Sean,

    My friends did exactly the same, I re-installed the firmware update and that substantially reduced the number of dropouts, but didn’t eliminate them all together.

    Every now and then I also have to power cycle so I think its a common problem, if anyone has found a cure, please share.

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