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Weather Station Down For Maintenance

Sorry for the interruption to the weather service, I needed to add a second hard drive and clone it, read too much lately of hard drive failures and decided to replace my existing second drive with a new one, rather than a refurbished one off ebay.

Chatteris weather was offline for 3 hrs 42 min, but I did make some changes as well,  such as the clouds page, added a radio player to the marine page and also repaired a broken link with the alerts rss feed.

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Weather Station Update

Weather station has been behaving until a few days ago when it stopped receiving data from the Davis console, only confirmed this earlier today when Weather Display flat-lined, removing the mini usb from the consoles data logger and refitting it enabled Weather Display to start receiving data, checking the loggers drivers with Silicon Labs, the version I was using was not the latest, this has now been downloaded and seems to be working, I’ve no idea why this has just started so I’m not convinced that I have solved anything, fingers crossed 🙂

Sorry for the breaks in service.

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Twitter image not updating

Chatteris weather sky line camera image was found to have stopped uploading starting at 3pm yesterday, I unfortunately only noticed it today. The problem was the file being sent to Twitter should have been jpgwebcam.jpg but for some reason webcamimage.gif was being sent and this was the problem, not sure what causes this, but it is sorted now.

Sorry for the break in service.


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