Weather Alerts Service

Chatteris Weather offers free weather warnings including approaching thunderstorms direct to your mailbox!

To register for this service simply use the Contact form and choose "Weather Warnings and Thunderstorm Alerts" from the 'department to contact menu'. In the message say if you wish to receive weather alerts, thunderstorm alerts or both, Chatteris Weather will send a test message to confirm set up has been completed.

How does the warning service work? The thresholds within the Weather Display and Astrogenic Systems TSentry™ software are set by Chatteris Weather and if any of these are exceeded then an email is automatically sent to all those who have joined our mailing list.

These warnings and alerts are for actual weather events that have already happened, they are not a replacement for the advanced warning service from the UK Met Office! Chatteris Weather will continue to use UK Met Office data to display advanced warnings on our homepage.

The weather alert thresholds are as follows:

  • Maximum rain in 6 hours = 20 mm = 2 cm.
  • Maximum rain in 1 hour = 10 mm = 1 cm.
  • Maximum mean windspeed = 31.1 mph = Force 7 (Near Gale).
  • Minimum outside temperature = -5ºC.
  • Maximum outside temperature = 27ºC.
  • Pressure change in last hour = +/- 10 hPa.
  • Maximum heat index = 32ºC.
  • Minimum wind chill = -5ºC.
  • Maximum wind gust greater than = 38 mph = Force 7 (Near Gale).
  • Maximum Barometer = 1080 hPa.
  • Minimum Barometer = 980 hPa.
  • High UV = 6.

Chatteris Weather also uses the FROST prediction alert.

The alert will be triggered if all the conditions are met:

  • Time of day is between 9pm and 9am (overnight),
  • & Dew point is less than 3ºC,
  • & Air temperature is 6ºC or less,
  • & Temperature has dropped more than 1ºC in the last hour,
  • & Wind speed has been 2 mph or less in the last hour.

Thunderstorm Alerts

The alert will be triggered by TSenry software if:

  • A Close storm is detected at a range of 50 miles from Chatteris weather station.
  • A Severe storm with over 100 strikes per minute being detected.
  • A Severe cell with over 150 strikes per minute being detected.

The email alert will contain the type of warning, compass bearing and distance from the detector, strike rate and peak strike rate.

If 30 minutes passes with no lightning in the storm area, then an 'All Clear' email will be sent.

The lightning software allows you to configure a local alert, see here for how.

TSentry Alert e-mail link

Please note that we have no control over the frequency of alarms, it is purely down to the weather.

Chatteris Weather will add email addresses to the mailing list on the Weather Display computer, third parties do not have access to the mailing list.

We will not supply email addresses to third parties or use your information for anything other than activities relating to the operation of the weather or thunderstorm alerts service, information is managed in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you wish to unsubscribe from any part of this service please contact us by using the Contact form.