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 Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, UK
Updated: 18/04/2014
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Welcome to the build pages of, the main purpose of this satellite site is to share how the station is put together and include useful links that have helped me, the second reason is to share home projects that I have undertaken which may be of interest.

The main weather site containing detailed information and related useful information can be accessed by clicking on the link above or here.

Weather collection and where it goes:

I have a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station connected to a 24/7 PC running Weather Display, WeatherLink and VPLive using Virtual VP Comms Port virtual splitter which allows me to share Chatteris weather with the world, well those that are remotely interested!

Weather Display- Full Screen

The icons below will take you where my weather station data is displayed, currently under construction is the build pages, this is a series of linked pages in order to show you how I installed the station and the cabling I used which may be of interest including pages dedicated to making of a Boltek lightenting detector antenna assembly from plastic pipe parts, links to manufactures will be included also, including part numbers and costs, also a Blitzortung project has just been completed, so pictures of that are in the build pages.

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 Caution: This data is recorded by an amateur-run personal weather station - its accuracy and reliability cannot be guaranteed.

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