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I have been with TalkTalk for quite a long time and have had a bundled free broadband package at a speed of around 10Mb, I read on forums about moving the router as close as possible to the main telephone point and removing the bell ringing wire (of terminals 2, & 5, remove wire 3) from the outgoing telephone cables to the rest of the house extensions, as soon as I did this the speed increased to 13Mb!

My router was originally inside a patch cabinet, so the LAN connections from the router to the network switch was easy as they were next to each other, moving the router away from the network switch meant I needed a Cat 5e from next to the incoming phone point where the router will now live and the upstairs patch panel, so out came the drill and trunking lid and hey presto, new port.( well after a load of faffing about)!

Openreach installed a local Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) feeding my area, this street cabinet has a fiber optic link to the exchange, your existing house telephone line is patched from the existing copper wire fed street cabinet to the new DSLAM cabinet and you then have Fiber To The Cabinet (FTTC), it doesn't mean in my case I have fiber to directly to my house, only part way, for me it makes no difference as I'm really happy with 37Mb and it allows me to watch streaming TV and continually update weather sites worldwide.

The pictures below show the equipment supplied by both TalkTalk and Openreach, the demarcation for the FTTC is the Openreach box, the main problem we have had is after power outages the units do not resync automatically, and therefore weather data ceases to be broadcast, to combat this, these are now powered from the main UPS, clicking on the sockets will take you to the electrical page.

Tip: The powering up sequence is as follows:

  • Turn on the Openreach box only, when the DSL led starts flashing.
  • Turn on the TalkTalk box, after about a minute, you should have a restored service.


To TalkTalk Manual To Huawi manual To UPS electrical page   To TalkTalk Manual To Huawi manual To UPS electrical page  
TalkTalk Router on top of the Openreach FTTC box   Moved over boxes to hide outlet, next job is to move the wall wart power plugs out of the way.  

Clicking over each of the parts on the pictures will open the relevant manuals.