Boltek External Antenna Parts

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Contact details for Henderson Plastics - (I do not have any affiliation with this company, just a satisfied customer)

Henderson Plastics Ltd

Lyng Hall Road

Wood Norton



NR20 5BJ

Tel - 01362 683364


Parts List:

Code        Number                    Details                                                          Ex VAT - Price each (£) - correct as of 31/05/13

110592        1            PVC Cap 75mm Solv                                                                    4.30

110722        1            PVC Reducing Socket 90/75 x 63mm Solv                                    5.92

110747        1            PVC Reducing Bush 63 x 40mm Solv                                            0.97

110123        2            Elbow 45 2 x glue 40mm x 40mm                                                  1.38

110589        1            PVC Cap 40mm Solv                                                                    0.75

309040/M    2            Metric industrial pressure pipe 40mm p/mtr 10 bar                        1.03

The company gave me a small piece of  75mm pipe which is used as the internal insert, so it might be worth factoring a couple of quid for this.


PVC glue (I used the solvent for electrical plastic conduit available from any electrical wholesaler, and yes they will sell to non trade).

M5 x 16mm plastic countersunk machine screws, washers and nuts - eBay.

4 x 12mm Expanding Rawlbolts

Aerial bracket

Ladder Safety Eye Bolts (Optional, but why wouldn't you?)



Outline drawing, I made a slight modification in that I used some waste 20mm plastic pipe to stand the antenna off the insert pipe.


eBay £6.50                                                eBay £1.50                        Safety Eye Bolts - Were £4.00 each ex VAT & Delivery - original supplier now defunct